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Flat 442 for any team 7

Greetings. First of all, sorry for my bad english, its not even close to my native so ill bring it simple. I dont like to overcomplicate things, anyway.

- 442 (any 442) in FM20 m.e. is a nightmare, when u trying to implement it w/ below average team. Still, this formation, with proper roles is (arguably) the most versatile for early manager career.
- Main point of creating this one was a hard try to make possible "I see a player, who can , at least, partially play at ML position, - i put him on this position, dependless on his skills, and let the show begins".

Created on these postulates (some of them):
- high tempo is unbearable for bad players
- deep defense will close your team in its half for the whole game
- offside trap on current m.e. is a cheat
- you must counterattack at every opportunity and try to control the ball when there is no such opportunity
- you must at least sometimes use the entire width of the field in the attack, regardless of the capabilities of your players
- players must pressure the opponent and cover each other even when their stamina = 7
- to concede a goal is permissible, not to score a goal - isnt

EDIT: NO OIs, MR takes left corner, ML takes right one. If u feel that there r not enough clear cuts, remove "sit narrower" instruction for both WM's. Will get a bit more goal attempts but more offsides and a bit less posession.

Tactic_sheet.jpg UFL_Position.jpg UPL_Position.jpg


I would appreciate comments, criticism and advice. Thank you for your attention and wish you great victories.
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