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Tested FM 20.4 (4-2-4) @DIABLO@ v3

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  1. FM 20.4 (4-2-4) @DIABLO@

    AML / ML takes the left corner. AMR/MR takes the right corner

Latest reviews

The best tactic i ever use
Only good for top teams, not underdogs
Going through league 2 & 1 easily with Swindon using this tactic, looking at an easy promotion to the Championship.
Initially you'll see lots of yellow/red cards. If your code of conduct is set up right this will soon stop after players pick up fines.
Goals coming from all across the team.
I am using different set piece routines, not the ones with the tactic, just to tailor them to my team specifically.
So this tactic is at the top of the table for poor and elite? How does that work?
Top tatic for top teams.
I may not say excellent as of now but it's a very good tactic tho
This tactic took Barnsley, a team favorites to be relegated from the Championship, to first place.
mid - top tier. conceded 5 in first half. the most overrated one ever.
beast tactic, unbeaten first season no signings with united. 3signings second season and won CL/PL/FA/cara. on my 3rd now and havent lost 16 games in