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Tested FM 20.4 (4-2-4) @[email protected] v3

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  1. FM 20.4 (4-2-4) @[email protected]

    AML / ML takes the left corner. AMR/MR takes the right corner

Latest reviews

So this tactic is at the top of the table for poor and elite? How does that work?
Top tatic for top teams.
I may not say excellent as of now but it's a very good tactic tho
This tactic took Barnsley, a team favorites to be relegated from the Championship, to first place.
mid - top tier. conceded 5 in first half. the most overrated one ever.
beast tactic, unbeaten first season no signings with united. 3signings second season and won CL/PL/FA/cara. on my 3rd now and havent lost 16 games in
Brutal! Won everything with Porto in 2 years and undefeated for the season with instant results.
Best tactic by far, tested with Salford, Dundee Utd, Celtic, Gremio, France, Belgium, Brazil.
Gained Promotion with Salford
2nd & league cup with Dundee Utd,
Undefeated in the league & cup / CL semis with Celtic
Gremio won everything in South America in 2 years
Euros with France
World Cup with Brazil
3rd in WC with Belgium

All on instant result with the DoF in charge of transfers and *** Man doing everything else.
Great result so far with this tactic still need to win CL ,im in my third season with Marseille.
Trying to push result finding the best player for the tactic instruction , the 1st season was amazing +20 pts over 2nd in league who was paris .
Actualy 41 games without loosing in league.