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TCM FM 22 ELTURCO-I'M HAPPY - 4231 - 38 Matches 161 Goals :)

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Hello Friends, after our FM 22 ELTURCO-ESSYY - NO MERCY tactic, I am here with our ELTURCO-I'M HAPPY - 4231 tactic..

Manchester City_ Genel Bakış.png

Our Fixture

Manchester City_ Fikstür.png

Manchester City_ Fikstür-2.png

Manchester City_ Fikstür-3.png

Manchester City_ Fikstür-4.png

Goals and assists of our players in our End of Season Squad

Manchester City_ Oyuncular.png

Manchester City_ Turnuvalar.png

Premier League_ Turlar.png

I would be very happy if friends who tried the tactic would send their comments..
Enjoyable Games :)
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