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fm 23 4222 control

i created this tactic as a way to accommodate kane as he started to lose his physicals but still had elite mentals and technicals. starting from the top the main idea of this is the CF essentially playing as a false 9 as hes the one that drops a bit deeper free roaming to collect the ball from either the AP on the right or RMD on the left, hence its key this player must be very good at passing, off the ball movement and decision making.

moving to the midfield and wingers, im currently experimating with a mezzala on support and attack to see if there is any difference. however the main idea for the left side is for the mezzala to work as an overlapping runner for the RMD, who mostly operates in the channels and on the interior, the mezzala has added instructions of "take more risks and dribble more" as these are key for him to be able to progress up the pitch. the players in this position again must have good mentals and work rate

on the right side i have a AP on support a CM on support ("tackle harder and mark tighter") and a WB on support (shoot less often) this is a fairly similar setup to the left but instead focused alot more on a triangle pass map between the 3 players, relying heavily on a good attacking RB, the CM in place needs to be a good b2b player

in regards to overall instructions slighty higher tempo and shorter passing works best to unsetlle teams as we aim to keep the ball and get it into the box as i also selected work ball into box, to fashion the highest xG chances for the AF to finish

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