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FM20.4.1 4213 CADONI 1.0 1


Test Method

- Holiday (AM Takes Cares Training & Team Selection)
- No IGE (In Game Editor)
- Disable First Window Activity
- Delegate Responsibilities to Manager (me)

When I was testing a tactic with Norwich, an 4411, notice that I had a huge loss against Watford (4-0). My opinion is that 4411 is way to go for underdogs teams this year. Maybe I am wrong. I watched the game from start to finish and Watford was hitting Norwich like crazy. I had a look into match analysis and saw that Watford used a 4213 formation. That's was the start of building that tactic.

I don't know if there will be 2.0 version. Try and tell me!

SPs: From @lisa- | I am terrible making my own SPs.

PS. Thanks to @lisa- for the tips!


Squad Selection by Assistant Manager


PS2. I am strongly recommend to take care training and micro-manage the team. Shouts, Team Talks etc helps improve morale and morale is important factor.