FMEnhanced v1.1 + Instant Result

FMEnhanced v1.1 + Instant Result 1.1

FMEnhanced v1.1

NOTE: As the game is still in BETA, I am only currently releasing the Player Overview Panel as there is a lot of work to be done on everything else before the full release. However there are several additions which bring a little extra to your game while we're still in BETA.



  • Instant Result
  • The purpose of creating FME was to allow users with different screen sizes to enjoy the same skin. The skin is contained with a scrolling container much like a fixed width web page. As content is added, the page grows longer and allows for expansion beyond the bounds of the screen and all without breaking.
  • Most of what you'll see has been done many times before by many others, though the aim was simplicity and ease of use while maintaining the original Football Manager theme and style.
  • I have tried to keep the page as simple as possible, all the while cramming in as much of what a user could need while browsing a players profile. Basic player information can be found at the top of the page, as well as attributes and player positions toward the bottom.
  • The player profile image is made somewhat of a central feature, right alongside the Transfer and Scouting blocks. This particular section helps a user browse over a players information quickly and easily as well as being able to navigate to the Transfer or Scouting Centre by clicking on the relevant boxes.



With the game still in BETA, any changes made to the game are made using FM2020 files. Some of these files are not completely compatible and in very rare cases you may experience issues.

  • If the squad table doesn't appear on the tactics screen, first ensure you have the latest version, cleared your cache and reloaded the skin. If you still experience this issue, delete the 'team' & 'match' folders inside 'panels'. This will restore your squad, though you will no longer be able to use Instant Result.
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