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Folio's 3412 v2

More safety, stable and variative formation
  • Rejected Libero -> classic 3CB line
  • RB(a) -> RB(s) for safe and teamwork
  • BWM(d) -> CM(d) for more stable and variative hold role
  • BBM(s) -> DLP(s) for more safe and creative player with hold role (safe center)
  • AP(a) -> AM(a) for more freedom
  • PF(s) -> DLF(s) for better moving (PF moves for a ball, DLF moves for a team)
More universal tactic after update
  • Rejected short passing
  • Rejected play out of defence
  • Rejected high tempo
  • Rejected narrow
Better defence
  • Rejected Higher DL
  • Rejected Prevent short GK
  • Rejected get stuck in