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Full press and control 2021-03-19

I created this tactic a couple fms ago when leading the dortmund. turned out to be my greatest system ever to play with.

I won all the cups easy at that time and never reproduced it again until last year fm. created again and tested it with Newcastle. champions league acess 1st season and won champions 2nd season.

this year tried to do it again. started at my hometown club Torreense. 3rd div in Portugal.

1st season
won almost all games without particularly concern with easy way up to 2nd division

2nd season
goal to maintenance but game a game.... climbing up the ladder to the 1st division

3rd season
rolling on

started a new save now testing it in my Sporting CP with the latest winter update

almost all games starting with the tactic.
in game if I spot that other side can trouble my wing back's back I put them to natural defense line but not changing any function
if goals needed at the 2nd half, both mc's to attacking func.
sometimes change the counter when ball recovery to nothing,

need: fast central defend usually
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