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GSAMM456's 5-2-2-1 1.0

  • I used this tactic as an initial basis, and tweaked it slightly to fit my players. The main inspiration behind using this was to try something a bit different, and to use a libero
  • In transition I'm hoping the libero will bring the ball up the pitch and look for a key pass, meanwhile the IWBs will come inside to support and provide a short option, and the CAR & BBM will run wide (thanks to PIs) to provide an alternative. I realise setting these to to MEZ instead may suit this better, however I'm worried about making the tactic too defensively unbalanced
  • when we get to the final third I'm hoping to create an central overload with the 3 attacking players, with the 2 SSs running beyond the PF. I was tempted to go for a F9 instead but figured the PF suited the pressing intensity better
  • Not sure whether setting the tactic to be a little bit wider and shifting the IWBs to WB-As may have better results...
  • Other than telling the BBM to stay wider in possession (to give space to the libero) and the BBM and CAR to run wide with the ball I haven't set any other PIs, going to wait to see how the tactic performs in-match and then tweak
  • Would require a libero with really good passing and mentals, probably a converted midfielder. IWBs would need decent passing and the CAR/BBM need good physicals. The attacking 3 would need good movement, and a high workrate would be ideal to ensure the press up-front
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