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FMKorea Guardiola 433 Tactics! 20.2.4 beta

Another tactic from Marcel Zabicher


Hi everyone, after watching the Crystal Palace game I wanted to make Guardiola's 433 tactic in FM.
I think it's a great tatic so please enjoy!


By using IWBs along with the 'Overlap' TI, they will overlap and make more forwards runs into half spaces.
IW + IWB combo seems to be decent in FM2020
Additionally, we encourage through balls and runs into space by increasing the attacking width to the maximum .
Finally we also have our BPDs on 'Dribble more' PI, so that they will collect loose balls and dribble further forward before passing it off to a winger.

Opposite footed wingers tend to cut inside more which gives more space for the IWB and normal footed wingers will drift out wide allowing IWBs to attack the half spaces.
I recommend 1 opposite footed winger and 1 normal footed winger.
My left winger is right footed and my right winger is right footed.
With the new beta match engine there are fewer long balls over the top, so I think strikers that hold up the ball plays better. Which is why I have DLF.
I think other striker roles encourage more long balls over the top instead of shorter passing build up play.
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