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Hailestorm Press 4-3-3 BETA

I put this tactic together based around Klopp's style at Liverpool - as I'm sure many people have done before me.
There are three versions of this tactic, the standard 4-3-3 version, a more attacking 5-2-3 version and a 4-3-3 made for less skilled teams.
If you are in the market to shake your TicTacs this is not the TacTic for you, it is not the most graceful to watch, it is high intensity and direct.
The aim of this tactic is play a high pressing line and play the ball forward quickly and efficiently. Possession is not a priority.
The 4 wide players in this tactic are the most important as that is where the play will naturally develop.

The idea behind the way it operates is a strong foundation of the back 4 cemented by a DM, in the main tactic the DM is a DLP however if you do not have a capable DLP feel free to substitute this for a BWM. The main duty of this player is to support the defensive line and link it with the midfield, having a DLP here merely gives more options for a fluid attacking transition.

The same can be said about the CB's, BPD are a bonus but the tactic will work fine with standard CD's.

The BTB CM will provide good horizontal cover of the middle of the pitch often acting as an extra defensive minded player when out of possession and provide options moving forward, an all rounder is beneficial here.

The MEZ will do what you would expect, play further forward than the BTB and aim to find space, this helps provide a link to the front men when attacking through the middle and gives the opportunity for the CM partner to play the ball and push forward. With the MEZ mostly acting on the right of the pitch you may see the ball develop in that direction more often than on the left.

The FB's will naturally get forward and overlap providing the width whilst the IF's will aim to drive at the heart of the defence and offer more options in the box when probing in attack.

The ST is a CF in the main tactic however a PF is a fine alternative if you do not have a player strong enough to take on this role effectively.

In the more attacking minded version of the tactic the FB's are pushed further up the pitch as WB's to start, providing a more aggressive press and a quicker overload in attack. To make up for the lack of defensive duties from the wide players the DM is dropped back to CB as a Libero, this makes the centre of the defence more solid and wide balls over the top will generally be covered by this player if needed. As a Libero this player will also push forward when in possession to provide the same possible pivot in a DM position if required.

The main tactical note would be the crossing, if you have great crossers I like to whip crosses which are harder to deal with, if you do not have good crossers feel free to switch this to Mixed, I have it set to Low with York as my ST's are shorter and our players of a low quality.

A large amount of chances will develop from wide positions but the ST and IF's will also get in behind the defence where possible, counter attacks are also very effective against teams that try to push back.

Credits for the corners go to @lisa- from the 4-3-1-2 AVIATOR, I had a setup of my own that worked fairly well but found more success after using this! Fantastic work lisa-!

As can be seen with my with my snaps of a Liverpool save we were undefeated in the league and also won every trophy, securing the quintuple. The awards picture does not show the final result of the Champions League as I forgot to save the game after running through the end of season to collect the Invincible achievement, I only ever intended to do 1 season with Liverpool. The result in the final versus Barcelona was a convincing 3:0 victory. The only major signing I made was Erling Haaland and this was due to an early major injury to Firmino putting him out for 7 months. Even then you can see from the goal snap that Origi put in some fantastic numbers across all competitions before Erling arrived in January, I also purchased Depay for rotation but he was not influential as a signing.

In the York save I am top of the table convincingly with an impressive goal difference. We are a good side in the division of course but my goal here is to provide a version of the tactic that can be played at the lower levels of football. Although it does not show, in my pre-season friendlies I was able to beat and draw with League 2 sides (2 tiers above us), we also lost only 0:1 against Rangers and had a solid 2:3 loss to Celtic, both fielding strong sides. We gave a good account of ourselves in the FA Cup progressing to Round 2 an losing 0:2 to Rochdale who are 3 tiers above us. Our draws and loss in the league were mostly down to injuries and rotation due to cup runs but even in these matches we would tend to have a significantly higher xG.

Hopefully this tactic performs as well for others as it has for me, please give me honest and brutal feedback :D