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High tempo attacking tactic 21.2.2

This is my Attacking 4-3-3 DM Wide that I initially developed while managing IA in the Pepsi Max Deildin in FM20, it brought me great success, I decided to use it in fm21 too. The first team I tried it at was Incheon United FC in the K1 league. I was predicted 12th but managed to finish 2nd and got to the Asian Champions league. The top scorer was Kim Do-Hyeok with 10 goals, playing at central midfielder with the role of CM-Attack. I require good distribution from the goalkeepers and all defenders, the tactic isn't as good when they don't posses this ability. The full backs and wingers can be either footed but I believe that they're slightly more effective if they're inverted but that might just be chance. The centre midfielders must have good work rates, finishing and long shots. I couldn't get a striker but I have done short tests with other teams and I found strikers with good off the ball, finishing, acceleration and pace, playing at Advanced Forward(Pressing Forward works well too) typically perform better than other strikers. One drawback of this tactic is that it can rely quite heavily on the striker and wingers sometimes which leads to having loads of chances but just not scoring them, if anyone could assist me that would be great. I got the idea from this tactic because I support Leeds and I get to watch Bielsaball every week and I thought I'd do my own take on his attacking style.
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