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HJW 433 - Strong 433 Tested with Leeds and Liverpool

Attacking 4-3-3 Wide I have used to great effect in my Liverpool career mode. Designed to score plenty of goals, whilst still keeping a good amount of possession and an attractive quick moving playstyle.

Ran a holiday test with Leeds, which was also successful. See attached screenshots.

Striker scores plenty of goals, as does your IF support with good traits. My personally favoured traits per below:

AF: 'Beats offside trap'. Must not have 'Plays with Back to Goal' or 'Comes deep to get the ball'
IF: 'Cuts inside from Wing'. Must not have hugs line. See how Jack Harrison really struggled due to this.
MEZ: 'Gets into Opposition Area'
DM: 'Likes to Switch Ball to Wide Areas'
WB: 'Runs with ball down the Flank' 'Gets Further Forward'

If you desperately need a goal late in a game, try changing the DM to support and the IF to attack.

Please note the striker is also set to attack the near post on corners. Please set your most aerially capable player in this role. I had it this way so to get a few more goals for Nunez/Bamford as im tired of Haaland always getting golden boot, but for best results it should be your strongest aerial player.
Inswinging corners, taken by your fullbacks if possible.

Credits to various tactics here, as this is essentially a mix of other tactics I have looked at, then I incorporated various ideas into one Franken-tactic. But in particular:
- Lots based off this so please check it out! Great Tactic, however I wanted to try and get a bit more possession. Game breaker Tactic 433 Holiday all season -No transfers amazing | FM Base (fm-base.co.uk)
- Tiki-Taka style ideas taken from this to increase possession. High-Pressing, Tiki-Taka 4-3-3 | FM Base (fm-base.co.uk)
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