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INSANE RESULTS | MAGICAL 4-3-3 | FM22 TACTIC | Football Manager 2022

INSANE RESULTS | MAGICAL 4-3-3 | FM22 TACTIC | Football Manager 2022

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Today I am looking at this Magical 4-3-3 tactic submitted by my Twitch Mod HC16_ & I've had the job of testing it out! I'll be taking a deep dive into the tactic as well as running the numbers on just how well it did.

Check out HC16 over at his Twitter: https://twitter.com/HC16_1

About Murph FM📜

After playing Football Manager for the best part of 10 years and having watched creators for the last couple of years & always wanted to get involved I decided at the turn of 2021 I'd get myself started whilst playing FM21. A video gamer for most of my life & a Birmingham City fan, football has been the biggest and the longest part of my life so now I can share my enjoyment for the sport with you all through Football Manager 2022.

Join me as I stream over on Twitch:📺 https://www.twitch.tv/murphfm

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