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Jatjr's 4222 narrow - Back to Back Promotion with same squad

Jatjr's 4222 narrow - Back to Back Promotion with same squad

Hi all,

I made a 4222 narrow tactics I would like to share. It has won me back to back promotions with Hafnir icelandic club. I'm playing with 5 levels Iceland save. I picked Hafnir unemployed with "add players to playable teams" ticked. Terrible first year with starting newgens so I looked for no-contract players to pick up for free. Come 2nd year in the bottom 4th division, I played "4-2-2-2 Narrow" that I saved from my first FM23 career with Ukrainian Nyva Ternopnil. Won promotion first year with them with this tactic. And indeed, I did made it past Icelandic 4th Division playoffs and got promoted to 3rd Division. Next year, 100% same squad no transfers, I eventually changed to 4-2-2-2 DM AM Narrow sometime during season as it suited me better as promoted (underdog) club. To my surprise, got promoted again! In both years, I finished performing #1 in offense which is nice.

So I wanted to share the two variants I used. The 4-2-2-2 DM AM Narrow is looking great as it helped me get promoted for 2nd time in 2 years. I want to see if you guys see similar result.


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