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JLAB 4-3-3 Narrow Control Possession 21.2.0

I created a random tactic with a side that was struggling in the league, and I needed to do something different from the 4-3-3 wide formation that wasn't working, so decided to bring the wingers inside as strikers. This formation was the result. It's far from perfect, but it got my side to avoid relegation in Serie C, but it wasn't the most consistent and I did no tweaking with the player instructions or the set piece instructions.

This tactic's idea was to have strikers combine up top to ensure that there was a partnership up top after the wingers I was using were ineffective under the default Control Possession 4-3-3 formation. So with the idea of bringing the strikers more narrow and letting my wing-back become players of support that could roam up and down the flank to provide the wide support made more sense to me, as they played a role could support that idea.

From time to time the player playing the Ball Winning Midfielder role would also become an Advanced Playmaker to be the team's playmaker. Still, I was struggling defensively at the time and needed a way to get those single goal wins when we struggled to get goals.
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