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JS92 3-4-1-2 Who needs wing backs

JS92 3-4-1-2 Who needs wing backs

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This is a 3-4-1-2 shape with wingers instead of wing backs that looks to apply constant pressure to the opposition and break quickly in an attempt to score either from an early cross, a long ball or a through ball. I also have corner tactics loaded in that are important as a fair few goals will come from set pieces.

I have one of the wingers acting like an old fashion winger, providing width and running at the defence, looking at carving out chances from either through balls or crosses. The other winger will cut inside and look to provide through balls or balls over the top of the defence for the strikers or the CAM to run onto.

The CAM acts as a link between the midfield and the strikers if a long ball or a pass from deep isn't available, but will also look to move into the channels and behind the defence to score himself.

The tactic is set to a balanced mentality as I've found this works better defensively whilst still being effective going forward.

I started using this tactics half way through the first season in my Arsenal save, in the Super league database and managed to win the league and the league cup.
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