Kaptenvive | Passing Triangle the Ultimate

Kaptenvive | Passing Triangle the Ultimate

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Hi you all tactic fanatics! 😄

"" When you have a lot of ball possession, you have a lot of ball possession to create chances, not to play the ball around and not score."" - Louis van Gall

I've been a fan of creating as much as passing triangles I can. Been trying different tactics with different teams. From 4-3-3 to 5-3-2 all the way to 3-4-3. Different leagues and different teams which were from sub-top to underdog.

As you can probably guess, I'm much of a fan of passing triangles. I want to have at least 1-3 players available when a player has the ball. He can't dwell on it like Pogba or dribble it too much like Saint-Maximin. I want them to secure the ball to another in quick manner and fast as possible with little touches.

Whis is how your/my team is when In possession (rough estimate and stretched out, but it's something)

Q: Why 4-1-4-1?
A: 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 way too overpowered and much more attacking for my taste. I love 4-3-3 but it's like an old friend to me. I want something new (not disrespecting my or your old friends)


(don't mind about the recent matches analysis, did screenshots with other save)

Q: Why three ball-playing midfielders?
A: AP and WP work so well together and DLP brings peace to rotating the ball from the back to the other side. Wide playmaker, consider it like a more like wider AP or what carrilero (on attack) already does but on spreadsheet he's already in wider position. AP and WP switch positions frequently as you always have overload of three players in the right side of the pitch when attacking. WP cuts inside and makes nice one-touch one-two passing plays frequently. Both are threat to make killer balls behind opposition's back line. CWB supports them well making overlapping runs and staying little lower if both AP and WP are further forward.

Q: What attributes in players are important for this kind of tactic?
From my experience
A: 1. Work Rate, Stamina, Passing, Vision
2. Ball control, Teamwork, Off the ball, vision

Q: What or who is your inspiration behind this tactic.
Pep Guardiola, my passion for football and passing triangles (haha). Players switching positions (almost freely) when needed and making intelligent choices when to pass and when not to pass. I just love the feeling when you out run your opponent with possession.

Q: Why teamwork is important?
A: Like in life, working together and making good relations with people around you who motivate you forward makes you a better person, I've noticed that teamwork and moulding the team together makes a difference.

Q: How do I exactly do that?
A: You need players which are bunch of professionals giving their all and fighting for the shirt.




Praise when a player has:
  • Performing well in training | >7.25 (lowest acceptable)
  • Developing well
  • Playing well >7.25 (last five games or impressive performance, "Praise Last game" -button
  • Good conduct
    • He's making positive impact within the club and making professional comments about the things and is professional about any thing. You see the player is fighting for his place and improving if you critisize.
DeJong Conduct.png

Critisize player when:
  • Performing badly in training | <6.75
  • Playing badly and you feel like he could do better for his ability | <6.75
  • Bad conduct
    • Taking not necessary red cards, making bad rep for the club, being a-hole
    • Complaining to teammates (if not deserved complaining about your stupid decisions /s)
    • Not showing up to the training
  • Now improving after weeks/months of critisizing. Critisize, demand, then insist.

Just interact with your players. But don't praise too much, that just boring. If you see a player being consistent and keeping his levels to his norms, praise occasionally.

(1-4 weeks) for training/development
(1-2 weeks) for form
Same for other way around, player not doing so well


Who takes freekicks:

Direct: your choice
In-direct: your choice
Wide: 1. L/R Wingers 2. Fullbacks 3.CM's 4. DM
Deep: 1. DLP 2. CB 3. Fullbacks

Recommended players (player type):

GK: Confident on ball, but not Ederson - type of confident lol.

FB: Hard-working / good stamina, crossing, dribbling and passing atleast. Robertson, Lucas Hernandez, Alphonso Davies.

DCR: Strong tall, confident on ball but does not have to be BPD type of player. Player like Chiellini or Bonucci. Even Puyol.

DCL: Lisandro Martinez, Edson Alvarez. Can be small in size but good ability to play the ball. He advances the ball forward to DLP or BBM or even makes long pass behind the line. Hard working and good sight for tackle.

DM: Frenkie de Jong, Busquets, Joshua Kimmich. No matter with the size. Confident and can be trusted. If he can't play the ball, you are screwed.

WP: Like (best you have seen of) Sancho, David Silva, Bernando Silva, even Kevin De Bruyne could work

MCR: Eriksen, Modric (his ability to see the AF's run).

AF: Consistent goal scorer (not your main source of goals)

MCL: Goretzka, Renato Sanches, Ndidi, Rice. You get what I mean.

ML: Sane, Rashford, Gnabry, Sadio Mane


Look for low composure and weak foot. Press if you have opposition player with low composure, show in to weak foot if you have a player with a weak foot. This is most important for players with A) Threat to pass the ball efficiently B) You know/guess that the player is not confident on the ball and you can press and show to weak foot whick lead into mistakes. Talking about 12 or less for Premier League (scale it down 1-3 points per league drop)

I'll update this when questions arrive but I'm much reachable through steam or twitter

Thank you all, hope you like this and don't be afraid to add me on Steam if you have anything to ask.
Or @tuplaveevee on twitter (my personal account, not a shout-out of anykind ((pls mods)))

PS: If you are Bald, please tell me how you'd make this tactic better and why.
If you have hair, do a facial expression of "🤨" and a quintuple with Madrid. Thanks!

TIPS !!!!!!

  • Praise everytime you take 1 goal and above lead
  • Encourage everytime you can when losing or drawing
  • Fire up or demand more if you feel like it. 90% of the time its praise or encourage
  • Rotate the squad as much as you can if you don't fear that you can lose the game in hand
  • In-game tactic: Be expressive when you are shooting a lot and not scoring
  • When game is +75min and you are winning, waste time and bring press intensivity to middle if you want to
  • If WP is staying too low to your taste, make him get forward

end, thanks for reading this far. Have a medal 🥇
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