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playgm Karisa-352 Fast defensive counterattack

The station map can be seen that the tactical strength is only medium intensity. (Karisa series is committed to the best tactics at low tactical strength)
Tactical personnel requirements:
GK:Buy player of SK
WM: WB is OK
ST: Speed is needed.

Tactical analysis:
Advantages: The defense line is in advance and the mirror is removed, and the center of the ball is placed in my favorite midfield, and the midfield has 5 people, it is the opponent can't match; when attacking By the side, the defender will also plug, causing a few generations of the result of the expansion, and long-lasting, it will inevitably go to the ball; the midfield offensive duties will also pass the bottom of the rib, and use the current version of the heads of head; Entering can be guilked, can pull back to the middle road, the free people of this tactics.
Disadvantages: If you have done it, you may cause a back defense. In time, in the three-way guard system, the forefront will lead to a post-point header to break the door. There is also the opposite world wave. Solution: Let the front guard against the opposite edges (with internal tendencies). The problem of the world wave, is not good, I have already set up the closeness of it, I can do it, I have done it on the head of the head.

Practical use: Because in order to deal with the current version of the pass, the defense line pulls the other party to walk the middle road. If the opposite is mainly, it is the defense of the road. In addition, the leading two balls or three goals will adjust their mentality as counterattack or defense to save the body. This substitute can fall. It is still very fast. It is the so-called poor. When you are a benevolent, don't learn that .

PS: The Three Congress Zhong League Cup and the FA Cup is a trimming in the game, and there is no difference in the players who will fine-tune, but for the players who will only use tactical boards. This tactics is only Can protect your league.
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