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Klopp's Liverpool gegen real tactic v977872

Hello friends!

After A LOT of tests trying to recreate Klopp's Liverpool, finally i got a version who works and is close to the real tactic.

PSG Formation Salah Version.png

Here is the original design of the tactic.

Of course somethings seems out of place (Klopp obviously dont use 3 at back for example) but its just the way i find the closest and best in terms of results.

After several tests, i got one version with Mané being the scorer and Salah being the Inverted Winger:

Liverpool Formation Mané.png

Playing with Liverpool as you can see, Fabinho is the CB and now some defensive midfielder, this is cuz i find 3 at the back really good in this FM, even betten in this last patch. So to Fabinho get some action a little up in the field, he got the Stopper role.

Often Keita/Wij get some box-to-box or Mezzala function, but i also think Mezzala is WAY better tham Box-to-Box in FM 20.

At the front, you can choose, want Salah to be the goalscorer like 2017/18 season? Use him as Advanced Forward and Mané as Inside Forward. And if you want Mané to be the goalscorer, just use the Mirror version.

Firmino get the Press Forward Support role as i tried many times in other roles, even False 9, but Press Forward get me the best results.

Some results with the tactic and some stats:

Liverpool Tabela Mané.pngLiverpool Champions Mané.pngPSG Table Salah Version.pngPSG UCL Salah Version.pngBarça Table Salah Version.png

Liverpool Grades Mané.pngPSG Stats Salah Version.pngBarça Stats Salah Version.png

Hope it works with you guys and any tweaks or just better versions are welcome.
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Incredible tactic, the best I have used on this edition of the game. Achieved 2nd with Sheffield United first season with 71 points.
Works really really good for me