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Kojuro Skin + Dark Edition v5.1

Skins Kojuro Skin + Dark Edition v5.1

Hey guys, first I need to thank you all for the downloads of the skin last year and this year, you've been amazing really!

So this is just a simple update of the original skin, removing the fixed purple colors on the side menu! Simple and do the job for those who don't like it from the original skin.

This skin is not meant to be a redesign of the original skin, we already have a lot of good ones doing that. The main goal of my skin is to fix some UX (User Experience) issues of the original one with content that really matters to make your life in game easier, let's call it an UX upgrade to the original one.

Note: For you to have the faces, logos, stadiums and all type of graphics you need to download it separately, the skin does not have them by default they are different things. Like the logos does not have the faces, the skins do not have other graphics by default.

Kojuro FM22 Skin 5.1 Change Log

  • Fix squad registration colors on Dark Edition
  • Added player positions on player's pop-up panel
  • Fix some options on match tablet
  • Fix scout report inbox message, so we can see all the attributes on smaller screens
  • Cleaning up some skin files
  • You can follow the latest changes on this tweet

Kojuro FM23 Skin Preview

Clubs Page:

  • This was one of the pages I disliked the most last year, so I did a total rework on it, looking much cleaner and not so overloaded with info.

Player's Page:

  • Choose to keep the same principles as last year. Some improvements in some areas and file optimization.

Tactic's Page:

Scouting Center's Page:

Match's Tablet:


How to install the Kojuro skin on FM22

  • Extract the contents of the .rar archive using a tool such as WinZip or 7-zip.
  • Move the extracted .fmf files to: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\skins, if this folder does not exist, create it as "skins".
  • Start the game and go to Preferences screen, and then to the Interface tab. You should see the skin's name on the drop-down list of the Overview box. Use the Clear Cache button, then hit the Confirm button.

If you like to support me and my cats, you can buy me a coffee, so I can keep working on dbs and skins on the future. Yes, I'm addicted to coffee...

Hope you enjoy it and have fun playing the game =)

[h5]Credits to:[/h5]
  • Wannachup for the instant result button
  • FMEnhanced and FMRensie for inspiration in some areas
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