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FMKorea Korea New 2020 5 Tier System 2.0

This is the final database update for Football Manager 2020, now that the transfer window is closed.

This is my Korean 5 tier database with transfers updated to 26th March 2020. Tested for 10 seasons.

List of changes are as follows:
  • Correct promoted and relegated teams in K League 1 and K League 2
  • All correct teams added to K3 and K4 League
  • All 11 divisions for the K5 League have been added for FA Cup compatibility (No promotion from K5 to K4)
  • Fixed FA Cup format for the 2020 seasons - https://bit.ly/2UkZkIM
  • Added the new ASEAN foreign player quota to the leagues
  • All squads in K League and K League 2 fixed
  • Hundred of players created and added to the database for the teams in K3 and K4 that didn't have correct players
  • Corrected names of a handful of teams (Chungnam Asan and Daejeon Hana etc.)
  • Corrected some stadium names and capacity issues
  • Corrected managers at all clubs from K1-K4
  • Changed discipline rules for yellow cards for 2020. Changed one match bans to 5 yellows, then 8, then 10
  • Corrected the new minimum wage rules for K1 and K2 (from ₩20 million a year to ₩24 million)
  • Tweaked dozens of other things that I have forgot about


Due to this being the 2020 season layout, you should start your season in Early Pre-Season January 2020 when setting up the database.

I also recommend ticking the 'Add players to playable teams', as this will fill the K5 teams with players. I have created and added full rosters to every team from K1 to K4

I have holidayed until the year 2030 without issues and everything seems to run fine.

If I have missed anything in the database, comment or contact me here and I will fix it as soon as I can.


Move the .fmf file to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data

'Korea 2020 5 Tier - Fantasy.fmf' is the fantasy version. This has promotion between K2 and K3. This is probably the file you will want to use

'Korea 2020 5 Tier - Realistic.fmf' is the real system. This has NO PROMOTION between K2 and K3

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