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Left Asymmetric 4-3-1-2 21.2.2

Why does this exist?

I put this tactic together during a save with Chertanovo. They don't allow transfers, so working with the squad I had was of the utmost importance. I ended up getting really solid newgens in cam, st, and lm, but nothing on the right side. So I put this together to account for the quality that I had.

I drew a lot of inspiration from StephenK's kung fu tactics, making a few adjustments to some of the player instructions as well as the tactical style to balance it out.

How does it work:

It employs aggressive defending: high pressing, marking and tackling will draw a lot of fouls. The defensive mid and fullback link up well to close down attacks on the right, while the IWB, BBM and WM hold the left and center.

Most attacks stem from the ball playing defenders and through the middle with the AP-BBM-DM triangle, the AP should roam from position and hold up the play in space, ideally they'll either find one of the two AFs with through balls, or the left footed left midfielder who should be able to run to the byline with the ball. The FB on the right is also an option to switch the play to.

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