This tactic was designed to suit a team with high amounts of stamina, and few options available at striker.

Forward Position - AF (At) - chosen simply as this role can be fulfilled by alot of strikers without much effort

Wingers - IW (Su) & W (Su) - these two were chosen primarily as IF was failing for me and new signing wanted to only be played as IW but has worked out fairly well (but again am I missing attacking potential only using them in support roles)

Midfield - AP (At) & BBM (Su) & CM (De) - I'll be the first to admit I struggled to find the best roles for miy midfield trianle and settled on and opted for what my teams best roles could fit into (this is an area where feed back would be much aprreciated as i'm thinking would shadow striker be better than attacking playmaker)

Defence - WB (Su) & CD (Co) & BPD (De) - Much in the same vein as midlfied I've just opted for what best suits the team I set up this tactic for (Lyon) - I believe my main area of weakness is how i've used my wing backs (should i opt for different role for one e.g complete wingack and attack/support duties with the wingers)

Goalkeeper - SK(At) - I feel i get the most bang for my buck from sweeper keeper nothing too fancy here
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