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LP 4-1-2-2-1 Double MEZ 21.4.0

I managed to get promotion to LaLiga Santander with Las Palmas. All players who carried us were pretty much bought out, thanks to minimum release fee - clause. We had to manage somehow with below par - players, so I came up with this tactic.

It gives pretty nice action on attack while still maintaining the posession. With fast defenders opposition finds it really difficult to break defense.

Attack: one striker spearheading the attacks and inverted wingers who cut in and join the attacks.

Midfield: One Mezzala with attack role who tries to join the attacks more and works like a midfield link between attack and midfield and also one defensive midfielder with deep lying playmaker role to take care of the clear balls.

Defense: Two inverted wing backs who come to lower midfield to help DM while attacking. And two DC as ball playing defender and Non-nonsense center back.

And sweeper keeper on support duty.
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