Made In France 3412 unstoppable Galtier Tactic - by Kami

Made In France 3412 unstoppable Galtier Tactic - by Kami

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This is a tactic i created to try to recreate the style of playing of Christophe Galtier at PSG.

Actually, this tactic has been test with the PSG only, for 2 seasons. I had a transfer update, so that i played with new players like Vitinha.

This is a 3-4-1-2. Defense is playing with 1 libero at the center, and 2 wide centerbacks at his side, covering the wings.

Try to have players with some speed and agility, that can follow a fast winger/striker.

On the midfield, we have a defensive midfielder, playing as a Regista, as Verratti is used actually by Galtier. He isn't going too deep, but he is managing to keep the ball and deliver it properly to attacking players.

On the wings, we have two wingers. I didn't choose to play with wing backs because actually at Galtier's PSG, Nuno Mendes and Hakimi are playing much more forward than if they were wing backs. They have a lot individuals instructions that ask them to hold position, to keep this defensive presence on the wings.

On the forward, we have surely the best attacking trio of the game, with the kind of Messi, Mbappé and Neymar.
Messi is playing as an advanced playmaker. He will do a lot of assists. Find a AP that is pretty good at passing and also that has a good vision & decisions.

Neymar is playing as a false nine, he is playing more forward than the AP, but is still doing combinaisons with the 2 other players forward ! Find an striker / AP that can be fast, good at passing and with a lot of agility.

Finally, Mbappé is playing as an advanced forward. He is your main scorer. On my game, he scored 77 goals in a season lmao. Find a fast forward, with a lot of "Off the ball" and Finishing.


Oh, and i made the 2 forwards to switch their positions during the game, as they are doing in reality at PSG.

I don't know if the tactic works for subtop teams or Outsiders, but with a good team, you can absolutely annihilate every leagues.


Can't wait for your tests =)

For more tactics, follow me on Twitter :
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