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Many Numbers 4-1-2-2-1 I LOVE POLAND i also love how many chances i create. 21.4

First time writing one of these and im more scared than anything cause im well aware the tactic tester is going yo do its best to disappoint me.

Anyway heres the tactic in all its glory :
Screenshot (114).png
Screenshot (115).png

Screenshot (116).png

Screenshot (117).png

YOu may be skeptical , so was i when i intially tried this , however , the results speak for themselves.

Screenshot (119).png

Look , i aint the best fm player , but the previous season i had been predicted to come last. But , after some wheeling and dealing , i had been backed by the bookies to finish mid table . Well , lets just say im finishing higher than midtable.
Screenshot (121).png
Screenshot (122).png

It wasnt a stretch to say im very proud of myself.
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