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Mass Attack Imperator by AD1990

Mass Attack Imperator by AD1990 20.1.0 New Version

I am very sorry that it took so long, but I am back ! and was stronger than before.

I will add the photos of the results later. But one thing I can promise you, it is a very nice goal scored football.

The defensive is not as stable as in the 5-4-1 FV . but much stronger.

I wish you much fun and good luck. I look forward to your feedback

Makes many friendlies. this version must be well-rehearsed.
fast full-back with good crosses.

stay calm and patient. it works very well !

have individual positions trained. let the forwards and wing players practice goal-shooting.

- NO Opposition Instructions
- Find an assistant with good Attack attribute
- The central defenders please at least 1.88 big players
- you need good co assistance with attack points he does the training


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