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Matt's 4-3-3 Attacking Wide V2

This tactic was developed using Lyn 1896 in Norway and saw us finish the season unbeaten, winning every game.

It is not overly aggressive and should not heavily impact players stamina unlike most other commonly used tactics. However, it is effective and scores a lot of goals. It is a very balanced tactic.

It does not require the use of any opposition instructions and is a plug and play tactic. Fire and forget, if you will.

I recommend that you have a quality poacher that is fast, has good off the ball movement and is decent in the air as he will score a lot of headed goals.

Your right winger needs to have lots of pace and good off the ball movement and can put in a decent cross.

The CM on attack needs good off the ball movement and will ideally be a decent finisher and good with his head. He will arrive late on crosses typically from the right.

The Deep Lying play maker needs to have good vision so he can thread through balls to players further up the pitch. He should link up well with the right winger on attack.

I have linked some matches (one home and one away) that you can watch on YouTube so you can get an idea for how the tactic plays out in game. These were some of the first matches i played in the second season after promotion to the division above using the same players from the previous year.

Elverum Vs Lyn 1896 - YouTube
Lyn 1896 Vs Floro - YouTube
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