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May the 4th by wolbeas - 5 cups won with Chelsea in 2nd Season (3 x AMC formation) 21.2.2

Hi All,

Below, I will try to give as much information as possible but this is my very first therefore be gentle :alien:

I have always loved precision weapons in FPS games, and the translation of that in Football is the AMC position (the number 10 to be specific but I dont use an AP). With that in mind, I wanted to create tactic with specific 3 x AMC formation line up. However, in FMs AMR/L roles have been working so well and it is hard keep promises of playing times to players in those positions with a wingerless tactic and that;s where Chelsea was perfect fit with low amount of wingers (and some of them could have been used as AMC (as SS) which would increase my options.

The Formation
Tactic - Formation.PNG

I have tried various different roles and so far settled on 2 x SS and 1 x AMC(At) but feel free change the AMC to support.
Tactical Instructions are uploaded below. I do switch the position of DLP and DM depending on the opposition or as I like It feels like AI managers are getting the hang of my tactic.

I prefer starting most of the games with positive mentality, but Attacking works great once your team gets full familiarity with the tactic. I know what most of you are thinking with this narrow line up, how the tactic fares against wide playing teams? It does quite well, but the objective here is to control the game and score so you will concede against those teams at times. However, they are few and far between. Most of the time team will lean on the side where the ball is and force for really long range balls. These balls will be ours majority of the time and SK with support wont allow too long range killer balls.

1st Season results (please take this results with a pinch of salt as I have tried a lot of different things in the first season until settled on this tactic)
First Season Matches 1.PNG

First Season Matches 2.PNG

2nd Season (better reflection of this tactic)

2nd Season Matches 1.PNG

2nd Season Matches 2.PNG

3rd Season (including very end of 2nd Season)

3rd Season Matches Beginning.PNG

3rd Season Matches Ongoing.PNG

Cups Won


Current Statistics
3rd Season Analysis - PRM.PNG

3rd Season Analysis - CL.PNG
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