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Mezzala-rama 2021-06-16

This is my first attempt at uploading a tactic so hopefully I have not made any community faux pa's here.
I wanted to make some use of the mezzala/ap type players I tend to stockpile as they seem very effective but for me at least sometimes at the expense of the team. Much of the instructions are taken from what seems to be successful in the other tactics and my set pieces are normally pretty standard near post aimed at cbs.

the idea is that the wingbacks offer the wide outlet that deeper wingers normally do but get support from the mezzalas and afs depending on the side of play. both the playmakers are positioned so that they have a lot of options in all directions and often find themselves in space as teams watch the runners. This aims to gives us a lot of central players who can also cause an overload on either flank while the opposite mezzala, af and the ap are the longer range passing options.

This may only work with stronger teams but it was a lot of fun to watch and had every player playing well and contributing.
Just need to cross my fingers and hope this does well now...
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