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Mongoose 41212 1


This is a tweaked version of MP v1. Props to kinderjoy, it is a very good tactic but I just wanted to get more goals out of it. It is also very good defensively.

Changes I made -

Moved the 2 shadow strikers to AFs
Removed pass into space
Added tackle harder PI to AFs
Updated SPs, both attacking and defensive
Removed dribble more from the BPDs
Removed take more risks from the IWBs


Liverpool result
Won the league comfortably by 13 points, Scoring 48 more goals than the next best scoring team. 20 clean sheets in the league with only 29 goals conceded. Quadruple won. Only area to let us down slightly was pass completion, however with a standard passing TI, this tactic isn't designed to be a possession based tactic, it is to get the ball up the field as quickly as possible and this is reflected by the extremely high tempo TI.

I updated the set pieces as I thought I could get more out of corners and I think I achieved that. Scoring 17 goals from corners and conceding only 2.

PSG result

Villa Result

I also tested it using the FM base test league, editor data file, FMRTE frozen players and save game used from https://beta.fm-base.co.uk/testing-database-fm21/


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