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FMKorea Mourinho Tottenham Tactic 2019-11-25

This is a copy and paste introduction i used google translate on. So it may not be perfectly translated
- Its not my tactic , just wanted to share it. -

Hello, I've been writing about fm20's new discoveries and mechanisms in fm20's free bulletin board and tactical discussion boards.

Also, as a counterattack, who only studied and played counter-attack over 1200 hours of fm, I posted the first fm tactical article.

This is the first time, so I'm going to understand that the quality is lower than other real players.

First of all, let's talk about how Mourinho's football philosophy takes place on the actual axis. If you know Mourinho, you can pass the explanation below.

================================================ Mourinho Real Axis Soccer Philosophy Description =============================================

Let's go !!

First of all, I need to explain Brother Mourinho's dismissal tactics. If you want to see more details, you can see Tottenham vs West Ham highlights on YouTube.

Mourinho's football basically puts a lot of pressure on the 2nd and 2nd line in the 4-2-3-1 formation and puts a lot of pressure, while two Volantes and two centerbacks are holding back against counterattack and one of the fullbacks. Is somewhat aggressive, but the other side is Mourinho, who is all about defensive airborne balance, and whose airspeed is vital.

Another feature here is that the two-wing wing on the aggressive back-up line should be centrally oriented, high in activity and defensive. (Real Time Dimaria / Tottenham Lucas Moura-Sissoko {change})

Also, the saw is an articulated striker based on unconditional physical ability.

And sympathy prefers a tremendous amount of creative passers.

The two defensive midfielders, the 2 Volantes, prefer holding. So one of the primary objectives is to hold one of the two volantes in the defensive line while demanding a pass ability for the first buildup = (At Harry Winks, the first buildup is required, and Eric Dier is a defensive holding type)

Defensive emphasized the balance of the defense, with one side focusing only on the defense and the player who can sometimes throw long passes.

And in the counterattack, the two-wing winger on the other side of Lucas Moura prefers a player who is capable of center penetration, side penetration, and all infiltration. I put it all up)

Because of the counterattack and the speed of the airlift, the tempo is fast and the airborne defensive intervals both prefer to be narrow.

Therefore, the counterattack process is progressed through quick buildup through a short pass (sometimes a long pass).

================================================== ================================================== =============

The fm tactics described from now on, based on the Tottenham vs West Ham match, tried to make the best of Mourinho's tactics.

Explanation of the process of porting Mourinho's Tottenham football to fm <excerpt from some of the author's articles on the fmfree bulletin board>

Description of first to third players

Once the saw started Kane-Diprapo (G) at first, but the middle Ali and Kane switched Ali sometimes looks like a catcher (sometimes like a mid-rider like Lampard)

In addition, sometimes Kane's identity was a striker, which often led to direct attack or infiltration.

However, when Ali puts an appme on the scorpion and puts a circular saw on the dip lapo, the space overlaps.

Ali uses the same app. The important thing here is that Ali's defense was very active, and he decided not to put it in the swan to eliminate the overlap of the above space. During the counterattack, I didn't get the cover.

And both wings of the 2nd line are Insapo (ball) in the Son Heung Min-sa (left wide)-Son Heung-min's primary purpose is to break the enemy's side. Finish the attack, so set up a wide range of personnel guns and use them to penetrate the central space from time to time to score goals.

And the other wing is Inverwing (G)-> The core of the roll is literally support, which is to enter the central direction and increase the number of middle circles to naturally build up the middle ground during the counterattack, and basically because it is a supporting roll It's huge too.

The key here is not to put the inverwing on the second line-> put the inverwing on the third line like Alizzari (Pleme) to reproduce the centralized movement in defense and support as much as possible)

Now, explain lines 1 ~ 3. There is no worry that the pog bar will be able to replace sympathy.

Advance your way forward with personal instructions in the Appme position.

And an important 2volante explanation

The author did not have the resources of Huffleme (room) at the time of experiment assignment. In addition, even if there is an application (ball) in the front and no matter how low the Fmeme setting is in the defensive midfielder in the back, once you go through the two steps in the stage of driving the ball, you can eat the tempo. Satisfied with raising guidelines

For another one, I also used squad ball winnings, which, when pressed, bounce up to the third line and give up space.

Therefore, the anchor man was assigned and centered only on defense and regional defense.

Description of defense, fullback

On one side, the attacker is able to give a long pass at the time of a counterattack, and on the other hand, the defense is balanced by the central defender.

As for the fullback, as for the defensive one, I put a wingback on the side to be defensive and mark it firmly. Shoot it, purple cross, etc.

Walk and pull back the ball wider, firmly mark, jump wider, shoot and keep the instructions on. The key here is not to overlap both

When overlapping, he shows a lot of movement to connect to the fullback, and the fullback changes more aggressively and eats the tempo.

The goalkeeper is basically just the goalkeeper.

This confirms the similarity of Tottenham vs. West Ham that we have seen (more in tactics of familiarity, skill and team cami).

================================================== ================================================== ===================

Information about tactics

Formation.PNG [20.1.4] fm20 Mourinho Tottenham Debut commemorative Mourinho's Mourinho Tactics

1. Team propensity :: Team propensity is governed. I narrowed the distance from the starting point to the destination and shortened the arrival time by shorting the pass and the left and right intervals. Counterattack develops

## If you do not know the details of the team tendency or inexperienced just a lot of people fm now I will explain the concept properly.

I mentioned the tendency of the team on the bulletin board.

Q. I don't think it's going to work well and I think counterattack direct pass would be a good match

Amps . If you write direct to carefully flip-type half-line before but faster by trying the long ball slows down the build up its own players and team orientation itself doegeodeunyo carefully

The concept of team propensity is that if

a is the starting point (volunteer area-friendly defensive area) and the destination is 'goal',

to make the distance shorter,

the propensity is defensively defensive to make the distance aggressive . It will take

by attacking the fastest time when he reaches the huge distance a ----- b

----- <- If you say this is how the street trees trotting twisted to match the build-up they want

practical a " ----- "b distance from gatseupnidaman time to reach a b's is even slower when he wrote the twisting method

for example, this method of slow tempo, short passing, etc. for catfish flat

when applied to the real world easier to understand

should never go from Seoul to answigo (when going foyer not hear just standing only 150 depresses) Suppose you arrive in four hours only

, but now galttae from Busan to Seoul I think the speed is over 150
but the middle of the lounge also heard jolrimyeon sleep in the shelter sleepiness also stop by again pump up the rest stop smoking even one defendant

thus undergoes an intermediate leg is going to be the same speed geochimyeon arrival time is slower horse. I

hope you understand this concept,

so for a quick counterattack, it's more of an aggressive tendency, and it's a defensive tendency for

Tiki-takana or a slower build-up.

This is the match engine mechanism.

Q. The propensity also includes the time to reach the goal, but it basically means the height of the players and the center of gravity of the team. The Mourinho tactical feature meant that the defensive line was low and the location of the ball deodorization was low, so the overall center of gravity would be appropriate. There are other ways to reduce your time to goal. There are various points of view when emphysics is implemented, but I basically think that the attack type is Klob and the counterattack type Mourinho is the best.

A The actual line is a down line, so the player's shingles are down. The team's center of gravity is not the player, but the ball's central position. If you divide the soccer field into five, the discreet type means the section just below the half line, which means that the ball is rotated as much as possible. It means the center of gravity where the ball turns, not the center of gravity of the player's position.

Therefore, when he tries to attack, he demands that the ball be rotated from the opponent's penalty box as quickly as possible.

So not yet set haenotgo continue forward when haenol as offensive to ppeongchuk showing the appearance halryeo ppeongchuk John

describes the rationale and the same over to twist it
to haneunge their build-up through the desired direction, you want players available in teuneun process

thus Mourinho style fast tempo To counterattack, the aggressive tendency is correct.

Keulrop cases also to the fast counterattack after the takeover the ball after pressure from the front

'm going to have aggressive fits because gyeoya om the ball as much as possible opponents penalty line

also Mourinho is a strong pressure on essential

team propensity pressure strength of the allies it will also be affected It affects the

required pressure is a more rugged done more propensity river

more so Mourinho will fit the aggressive

And the important thing is that the FM small build up tends to be very strong when it's put on the offensive (because the match engine has changed to prevent the cross-walled daughter). Instructions

So I set it as the "dominant type" and set the Trequasta area as the destination so that the penalty box line was only responsible for shooting by shooting.

As mentioned above, the inclination setting is the destination where you want to turn the ball. In other words, the inclination of the team is the final station in the distance from the starting point (volume busting area) to the destination (goal).

Own Ball (Team Guide) .PNG [20.1.4] fm20 Mourinho Tottenham Memorial Day Mourinho Devotees' Mourinho Tactics

2. Detailed instructions for attack : a little short pass, build up towards the center, aim tempo high, setpiece, very narrow space

=> Because the propensity is dominant, the time from the starting point to the destination is very short, so for a short pass, a flight,

2-1) Reason for pulling the pass calmly in the defensive area despite being dominant

This needs to be compared with 19. In 19th, when you took the aggressiveness, pass calmly in the defensive area. If you didn't give the instructions, you made a lot of meaningless retractions.

That's why I mentioned the length of the pass

"Pass length is what determines each player's field of view. 19 is the player's pass judgment, 20 is the player's field of view."

I said. That's why I thought so.

If you don't pass calmly and aim at the center, you often turn on tactics that use the target until 19, to get the targets to accept and attack.

That's not the case with the FM20. I'm setting it up with a short pass. Keep it cool.

If there is a player with a clear space in front of him, he will take a long pass.

I wrote it on the FM free board because I keep seeing it like this. Who asked if it was official with this?

I can't say it's official, but I've put my thoughts on the results of experiments and games.

2-2) Aim at the build up, set piece through the center, narrow the left and right width as much as possible.

First of all, I made a tactic for Real Football with Tottenham VS West Ham's Mourinho tactic.

Therefore, the first core task when making tactics was to make sure that the attack was done through the central plume during the buildup process.

So if you press build up through the center, the ball will be centered and you will often see the build up through the center.

Due to the role of Pleme, it is essential to go to Pleme in the process, and the player who is located in the center and symposium in the 1st and 2nd line is our only fog bar. .

In addition, despite the fact that the guideline of the ball-hole is wide, it seems very strong to penetrate inwards through the through-pass.

Setpieces set the guidelines because there is a huge free kicker called Pogbar in case of any draw.

This part is recommended to check your squad if you have a lot of free kicks or pots.

The reason why I set the low cross is the problem of my squad I'm experimenting with. The earthenware was injured.

There are no tall players in the 1st or 2nd line, so I set it to a low cross.

2-3). Reason to turn off "pass toward space" despite counterattack

As you all know, when you follow these instructions, the frequency of each player's passthrough increased.

But I've been experimenting and observing a number of times (not officially), and I can tell you that it's a guideline to "pass first to a player with space," regardless of a through pass.

Of course, the concept is different even though 19 degrees pass through space

If you've played 20 games a lot, there are a lot of passes, or a lot of backpasses, to pull back.

Why? Most of the time, the opponents are concentrated in order to block regional defenses or the center, and if they are center-oriented according to their tactics, the defense is concentrated in the center to prevent that player. But there is room for a full-back on one side of our attack. So you'll see a lot when you pass that way, so you'll get a lot of side transitions, not forwards, and backpasses a lot. There's no room in front of the defenders.

This is also an experiment several times. I think you can relate to those who have tried FM20 many times.

So you can't deploy through thrupass?

no. You can do this through the individual instructions of each player or through the Sunples. Like me, bone progression through thrupass (in counterattack)

There are so many

Transition (Team Guide) .PNG [20.1.4] fm20 Mourinho Tottenham Memorial Day Mourinho Defender's Mourinho Tactic

3. Detailed instructions for transition

Mourinho's basic defense philosophy is pressure defense. So back pressure.

That's the question. Are the two holding midfielders behind me popping forward because of back pressure?

I can't tell you the conclusion first. During the counterattack, the first and third lines were very tight, so the four-back defensive midfielder was already in place because he was not involved in the attack, Earn a position, usually following the instructions in the “Positioning Positions” position, lower to the baseline defensive position. It also has a guideline to mark it firmly, so it doesn't stick out because it sticks to the attacker in front of the defensive, and the compression details are low. Since only one to three lines have been pushed to the maximum as a personal guide, they are very active and defenders in the fourth and fifth lines are defending their areas.

And counterattack. It's synonymous with Brother Mourinho.

Play fast if the goalkeeper catches up. It has to change fluidly depending on opponent tactics and opponents.

If your opponent is a local defense team, then you should start building up from a full back or defensive area.

Defensive (Team Guide) .PNG [20.1.4] fm20 Mourinho Tottenham Memorial Day Mourinho Defender's Mourinho Tactics

4. The number of detailed instructions in Vichy

4-1) Reasons to increase pressure slightly

This is for regional defense of lines 4-5 because the propensity is dominant and back pressure is on.

Even if the pressure is set low, the pressure is set to the maximum in the individual guidelines on the 1st to 3rd lines, so the pressure on the 1st to 3rd lines behaves the same as the maximum value raised in the team guidelines. Defends the area, and the first and third lines descend to the defensive line and actively defend.

Cain's top saw defends all the way down the halfline.

Sohn Heung-min's left Insapo-ball comes down to the opponent's side full-back. If your opponent's build-up gets longer, come down and engage in local defense and pressure defense.

In case of a quick counterattack, the defender descends to the line near the halfline and stops at a certain level (for counterattack).

4-2) Don't spare tackle Kin's reason

It is literally for active pressure defense and to be able to penetrate the space in defense of the area.

In my personal instructions, I haven't set a strong tackle, so cards are rarely seen.

If I get a card, I'll leave it as a personal guide to the player.

During 38 matches

I think there's a lot less frequent red cards and yellow cards for this tackle.

4-3) Why the pressure baseline is low but the defense line is normal

Literally to reduce the airborne interval. Compression baseline and defensive line limit the maximum position of defense

When defending, keep the dense with the defenders in the defense of the attack, so draw the opponent through the lowest pressure baseline

Moderate defensive lines increase attack and defense density. Then it is easy to take off the ball.

Defensive left and right widths are generally set as narrow as possible for dense defensive ratios, but if a side-oriented heatmap and a passmap are found in the opponent's analysis data analyzed by the analyst before the game, it is generally used as a general form.

The match engine up to now is not set to the maximum width.

Because the maximum number of cutbacks in the opponent's pullback is higher and the more space is set as the maximum is set, the more likely it is to eat a lot of long-range goals.

This is especially true because the medium range has been strengthened.

If you have a normal or annoying pullback or side wing, cover it with a personal mark on your second or third wing.

This is the explanation of the tactical instructions so far, and then the video that I mentioned about the pictures and pullbacks that I made while experimenting with the previous technique.

I first learned how to make this by writing this article ;; I'll finish by explaining each point.

============================================= Preview, Video and Fullback How to use, ========================================

1, the movement of the fullback (ball)

At the time of 19th, we often modernized the trends of modern football first and second lines and third and third line, and left the center-oriented side to the fullback to compensate for the side attack.

So you've probably played games with a lot of side attack crosses set up for full backs.

But those full backs !! If you look at the rolls, the wings are mostly So we set the wingback to roll at 19. We mainly cross over to the side we want to cross, and the attack is over.

But let's go to 20

It's really fm20 Godgem

Now pullback resources Often, the guys we cross work after overlapping a lot! Let's look at the roll at 20

You can see that it is mainly changed to wingback (we), fullback (J)

Wing back in 20, as in 19, but we're familiar with Robertson in Liverpool and Marcelo in former Real = i.e.

Penetrate and break through the cutback or shot

You must have seen a lot

This is the role that the game makers intended. It seems that we were trying to implement this as the importance of the full back and the diversification of utilization in modern football.

Really .. I was impressed, but the loopholes of what I'm trying to implement in the wingbacks are that too hard shooting often comes up.

Anyway, I'm going to recreate the cross shuttle guys

I played with a full back or a back.

The important thing here is that the pullback is a wide jump [to the side].

In addition, since the base roll is full back, crosses from the opposite side will also come in and not participate.

Everyone ... don't get stressed anymore.

In case of a wingback (WOO), even if overlapping is turned on, one hour late penetrates in the same time as the sundae. coming

Therefore, if you want to do side cross shuttle work that you used to know when you were 19

Our Mourinho, did you see Ben Davis under Son Heung-min defending against Tottenham vs West Ham? That's without the overlapping instructions on the wingback.

And the duck side plays as a fullback. This guy also focuses on the defense, but Lucas Moura is set to help center the fight based on his activity and the side attack can only be seen.

If you want to come back to an endline like Marcelo or Robertson and want a cutback or a full aggressive pullback, you can use wingback (G) or finished wingback (G) (but we don't recommend using the match engine for a while)

If you want to use the Cross Shuttle like 19, leave the fullback or the ball and run wide.

If you turn on the overlapping instructions, the attack tends to be very strong, so it's very hard to come in and cut back.

There are a few things that are lost in the process, so don't use overlapping to safely place them on the side.

================================================== =============

2.How to use Pleme

As you can see, in each of the videos, you can see that the opponent played a dedicated 1: 1 mark on Fleme, which is the center of the allied buildup.

Both of them are counter-attacking, and the counterattack is the one that is marked by the Flemega marking, which is the core of our buildup, and I immediately enter the personal instructions and focus on securing space by drawing the opponent's aggro through free position + dribble. I did. The above video is the result

Due to the nature of the Pleme, you get a lot of aggro and also a lot of 1: 1 personal mark. In that case, you have to give up some of the build-ups through the Pleme.

Even if you give up some of them, the ball is again aimed at the player, so unless the first counterattack in the attacking process (successful attempt to counterattack with a quick attack) is back, the ball is returned to the player and in the process, the opponent is penetrated or sideways. Flemme's activity space is also secured in the process of wandering between a supporter or a 1: 1 marked player. Don't worry, if you have some abilities, you can use it in this organic way, even if you have a good attack position.

And my tactics, or all counterattack tactics, can never be successful if you just download the tactics and do nothing like watching a movie.

You need to be organic, active and have a way and attitude to participate to the fullest.

Counter-attack is a key and effective counter-attack, in which you defend your opponent's main build-up according to your opponent's tactics, identify your opponent's void (the other loophole), and aim for it. Therefore, while playing the game, you can increase or decrease the width of the left and right depending on the opponent, change the pressure strength setting, or try to connect with the excessive Tikitakaka short pass. If you do this, you will be physically good, tackle, and 1: 1 mark good stats. Active participation is essential, such as placing a dedicated mark there.

Therefore, it is difficult to guarantee that you will win the previous tactics. If this is supported and applicable, I think undefeated championship is possible.

The author loved football from a young age and played as a player (Amateur-from high school) and quit with family finances and frequent injuries, but he still loves football and is now more interested in tactics and strategy than playing football himself. This shop has been studying a variety of football tactic books, and in the meantime I came to encounter fm. But I had a lot of difficulties to put the football knowledge and tactics that I learned in the game.
So I got to see fm 2018 around October 2018, and I didn't know anything about it at first, but I didn't play for a month and thoroughly read about fm theory and match engines. I want to implement it in the football fm that I want to implement, and for the rest of the month, Continued to experiment with the game
It wasn't until 2019 that we played games in earnest.
Everybody is different, and what game do you live in? I don't have time, or I can't.

The biggest aspect of fm's fun is that it's not much different from a real one when it comes to tactical fighting. When your opponents reacted organically and accordingly I reacted organically, if you win the victory then, the joy that comes from there is really .. ㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway, come over to fm20
I finished the previous squad and drew 38 games in a 1-1 away match against Manchester City in a 2: 1 Chelsea away. 36 wins and 2 draws. That downed Watford might be in the above, but it's clear. In front of Mourinho, Watford Go 10 Ten. And it's a multi-use thing. Hahahahahaha.

Become a participant director !!!

3. Counterattack of this tactic (usually in this scene)

There are more videos, but it's too annoying to enter every game. I've coded all the recent games.
In addition to the counterattack scenes above, all the videos in the fullback and description fields are recent.


Shout out Mourinho freshly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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