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I've played Football Manager since the CM95 days, but this is the first time i've uploaded a tactic or anything with the community.

For this years save, i'm in charge of Montpellier. I've had many tactics along the way to get the club and team where i want them in 2033. I dominate the French league, most recently Europe and also the world with the World Club Cup.

This tactic then is formed of two attacking wing backs to provide the width, two reliable defensive midfielders (one being a DLP) to provide the safety, then in effect a front four with a SS, AM behind two AF. It presses high and intense, with also the SS and AM working then like a mid 4 with the DM and DLP. Goals are a plenty and is a really enjoyable tactic for me and i'm winning everything with Montpellier.

I hope this works for you and i'd be interested in it's results with other saves.
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