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Mr Hough's Mashup Skin for FM23

Skins Mr Hough's Mashup Skin for FM23


Mr Hough has combined elements from his favourite skins TSC and OPZ Elite to create the perfect Football Manager 2023 skin. A skin he feels deserves to be shared and downloaded.

Grab this absolutely gorgeous FM23 Skin now and freshen up your day-old copy of Football Manager 2023.


- Background Images Friendly

- Custom Transparency so you can choose how light/dark you want your Background images to be

- Instant Result Button

- Supports a Range of Resolutions

- Player Faces on Tactics Screens

981757314_LiverpoolTacticsScreen.jpg.39a74fff5f18eb85b9e7a55cc089f220.jpg 168038028_LiverpoolSquad.jpg.62daac616e55340045694cf9d76906b2.jpg Salah.jpg.5481c055245668a6544dca2d5c100714.jpg 1163203337_LiverpoolHomeScreen.jpg.920c9c974b56696eb7835492613f4202.jpg 443807043_PremierLeagueScreen.jpg.7b730dd9d64b7b11e1046fae9f76f8b6.jpg 669360172_ScoutingScreen.jpg.fb5c73d7dfdf186b69d357c18cfcdd3a.jpg 673902439_BarcelonaScreen.jpg.6570c048917719ba5b063f49273ffc40.jpg 1960673684_TsimikasChanged.jpg.d1cab73040323c5daa46c4a6fab68652.jpg Middlesbrough.jpg.d5adfe6029f28f03ae8a39db9c38acf8.jpg Scarborough.jpg.8a94e8db031ad9ff87d7285fc6737cd2.jpg

  1. Browse around for the skin you want to install. This could range from a ‘night mode’ style, to skins that add player faces to the Tactics menu and pitch layout.
  2. Hit download, and wait for the file to load onto your PC.
  3. Next, you’ll need to copy the file and paste it into the following system location:
    • Windows: C:Users/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/skins
    • Mac: /Users//Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/skins/
  4. Now, it’s time to boot up Football Manager 2023.
  5. Click Preferences, and you’ll see the Skin menu under Interface. Click the drop-down menu, select your downloaded skin, and hit confirm.
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