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My Boring 4-2-3-1 Vertical Tiki-Taka 21.4.0

A pretty generic 4-2-3-1 vertical tiki-taka I use at Levante in 2029. In my defense, I've always played this way since before it was broken. It's a pretty self explanatory tactic, I took some inspiration from how Jurgen Klopp used to set up his teams. The fullbacks are heavily revolved on for width, overlapping the inverted wingers.
The no 10 is an AM on support, so he'll sit on the hole at times to be the focal creative point, or to be a threat with long shots. The support duty also means he won't get in the way of the inverted wingers cutting inside.
The advanced forward is there purely to score goals, as there is enough creative support behind him through the IWs and AM.
The midfield is a little less structured and the roles are kind of up for grabs. I've gone with a mezzalla to offer a little width in midfield, and a B2B to act as a ball winner but with a bit more variability, as I have found BWMs fairly unaffective this year.
The CBs are ball playing defenders because why wouldn't they be. I've got the sweeper keeper on support to support the high line played in the defense.
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