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I was trying a full attacking tactic to try on Different teams.
i always try a clean 4-3-3 tactics (no AMR AML 3 ATTACKERS)

2 Advanced forwards MUST be good on Pace Acceleration composure and anticipation.
F9 Must be good at dribbling technique passing vision(if you want finishing attributes are good too)
One DLP is the nodal player on this tactic, try to sign a Fausto Vera (i love long shots too)
To his right i go with a wide playmaker (any good playmaker with good right foot can play on this position) You can reposition a younger there.
And to the left of our midfield we got an Inverted winger to support duty so he can distribute the ball to your playmakers and make some great runs.
Wing backs on support duty and Ball playing defenders on defend duty.

I present some results i got my derbies easily but i want to hit PSG that i didnt win yet.

I added my first champions league results too :D
Some tips
When you lead and you want to hold the score you remove an Advanced forward and make him an Anchor man. I currently lack the typical bwm to make him anchor man but Retsos and Williamsen due to their stats can play in this position.

Nice traits to use

F9 - place shots,Play more one two.(kinda must)
Advanced For - Beat the offside trap more often (Must)
Wide playmaker - Touch the line
Inverted winger - Run with ball often
Dlp - killer balls A MEGA MUST - Attempt some long range pass (optional)
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