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Narrow 4-1-3-2 Gegenpress

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A narrow 4-1-3-2 allows for a compact and fluid midfield but alos 2 up top. The Wingbacks will cut inside with the Mezallas taking up the wide areas but if the WB get to the byline out wide youll see 5/6 players breaking into the box. Mak need some tweaking towards the end of the season as had a really bad run and seemed the gap bewteen defence and midfield was alittle to far.

The QPR squad I had was quite small so it may be tiredness.

SK on De may work better but have left this as is for the upload.

The CM-AT scored as many as the strikers and the TM-SU seems to get more and better chances arriving late and the AM-AT seems to drift into the wide area to support the left Mez.

At its best there is some really lovely football played, short fast and on the floor.It does seem to lack some intesity in the press from time to time and occasional lets the biggers teams play through the wide areas. However not against Chelsea when be smashed them 7-1.


First seasion in premier league missed out on European football first season up on the last day conceeding 2 in the last 10 minutes having seen that Spurs were loosing. however they equalised and potentially dropped up out of Europe next season. Massive over acheivement though


Some really strong runs of results but 2 wins in the last 10 games did for us. Before that run we were pushing for top 4




Be interested to see how this does in testing, although if i am honest im not expecting it to burn any trees down. Its the first time in any FM ive uploaded a tactic so be nice if you are giving it a go.
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