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Niki-Naka ( No Striker )

The Idea of this tactic is to try and take pep's Barcelona Side but also try to make it adept for games when you wont have possession, almost a weird merge of 10/11 Barca and 18/19 Liverpool. Expect a High Pressing tiki-taka style, against lower opposition sides you can expect around 65-74% Possession with around 50-60% Possession against teams more to your level ( of course you need very specific players for this to work ) .

Did Just 1 Season To Try make it as accurate as possible. I picked Man United as its my favorite team and not its quite the best team in the PL but also shows what you can do with the right type of players in this system.

We Won a Treble, winning the Premier League on 99 Points With a GD of 125 and Europa and Fa Cup double.

If you want a bit more support defensively Switch One of the full backs to Support. ( I switched both to attack as i just found Garnacho had much more goals than Rashford so i switched Malacia to Attack to Maximize the amount of goals in this team) ,take this into account when looking at Stats for Rashford (I changed this during the WC Break. )

If you have loads of good players at dribbling have Run at Defence On, i kept this off to keep results neutral.

When Chasing Games ,Up The Tempo, Distribute Quickly and Raise the defensive line.

When trying to keep a lead, lower the tempo slow down pace down and Be More Disciplined.

Feel free to make your own in Game tweaks of course.

NB: I played every single premier league game ( i dont know if this makes a difference as I've never done this before lol )

PS. The Name Niki-Naka just comes from my first name starting with an N.


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