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No Full Back Madness 3-4-2-1

Asymmetrical 3-4-2-1

I've heard a lot that fullbacks in FM21 are not very effective this year and found this to be the case in my first season.

I've built this tactic then which has proven very effective for me in the Portuguese 4th and 3rd divisions where we are now exceeding expectations at the top of the table.

The amount of goals conceded is very few, with my goalkeeper only conceding 4 goals in 12 games so far this season. However, this can be quite weak going forward and regularly getting one goal winning margins, although this may be in part due to my poor striker ability.

Most goals come from wing play areas and from my attacking midfielders and strikers often getting a few. Possession is regularly dominated with ball recovery being key, especially among my centre and holding mids.

The only issues I have seen regularly is when the central defender can be regularly caught out leaving the middle of the field open.
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