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This is a database in an alternate universe where New Zealand has a truly national league, rather than the 3 regional leagues followed by a Playoff group. Currently, four tiers are playable, with at least one more coming soon(-ish). They are:

Tier 1 - Spark Premiership (16 teams)

The Spark Premiership is the top division of Kiwi association football, featuring 16 teams. The regular season lasts 30 matchdays, before the bottom 3 are relegated to the Challenge League, and the Top 8 go to the Finals series for the championship.

Tier 2 - Spark Challenge League (18 teams)

Below the premiership, there’s the Challenge League, featuring 18 teams. The league lasts for 34 matchdays, after which the top 2 are promoted to the Premiership, the next 4 go to the playoffs, and the bottom 4 are relegated to the National League.

Tier 3 - National League Division One (3 groups of 12 teams)

The National League is the third tier, split across 3 divisions of 12 teams. Each team plays each other thrice, then the top team in each league is promoted automatically, while the runners-up enter the playoff group, where they’ll play for the final spot in the Challenge League. The bottom team in each league is relegated to the fourth tier, and the teams that finish second from bottom enter a playoff group similar to the promotion playoffs, where the bottom team will be relegated.

Tier 4 - National League Division Two (3 groups of 12 teams)

The fourth tier is the second level of the National League, featuring 3 divisions of 12 teams. As with the tier above, the teams will play each team in their league thrice, for a total of 33 matchdays. The top team in each league is promoted to the respective league in the division above, and the teams in second enter a promotion playoff group, where the winner is promoted

Tier 5 and below are currently nonexistent, but will be done in a future version

Youth and Reserves

The Reserve and U18 leagues are on an 8-league regional basis, featuring the 106 teams in the playable divisions


Chatham Cup (146 teams, levels 1-4 + 40 unplayable teams)

The Chatham Cup remains, and the format has been slightly modified. The competition now goes from February to August, with the semis and final taking place over the last full week of August at Sky Stadium in Wellington. The rounds each division enters are:

National League / National League 2 (+ 40 unplayable teams) - Preliminary Round

Spark Challenge League - Third Round

Spark Premiership - Fourth Round

Other notes

Some things that you should take note of

  • The Wellington Phoenix are now the Hutt Valley Phoenix, and now play in the Premiership instead of the A-League, with South Melbourne being the 12th team taking their place in that competition, so I don’t recommend using Australian custom DBs that feature the Phoenix, or any other existing NZ teams in them, as it may break the game.
  • This database only works with competitions coded into the base game, otherwise the graphics will most likely break.
  • Auckland City and Auckland United now play at Mount Smart and North Harbour Stadium respectively, with Continental and Chatham Cup fixtures taking place at Eden Park
  • Various other teams in the Premiership and Challenge League have changed stadiums as well
The attached zip file contains two things, 1) the .fmf file, place that into the editor data folder for FM24, and 2) the graphics pack, featuring competition, and (bad attempts at) club logos, stadium photos, and trophies. put this into the graphics folder.

When starting a save with this, select 'add players to playable teams', as some clubs have very few (if any) players in the game's database


Competition Logos, most Trophies - New Zealand Football (logos edited by me)

Custom Club Logos, Concept - Me

Real Club logos belong to the respective clubs
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