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FM Religion Old school wingers

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I started out trying to imitate Guardiola at Man city, I had inverted wingbacks and many suggestions that i found online. However over time I've tweaked and developed the deadliest tactic I have ever had on any version of FM. The "be more disciplined" option is really important and results in a high number of fast low crosses driven into the box that quick smart strikers can convert. The majority of goals are scored by the striker but the wingers and attacking cm all chip in with plenty too. The high pressing ensures lots of possession and also goals from winning the ball high up the pitch. Through many hours of testing I have found that ball playing centre backs give away a lot of possession and cause the team to spend too much time chasing again, so in this tactic i only use standard central defenders. Also no players with "take more risks" as again i've found it results in far too many instances of cheaply giving away the ball. I only have additional instruction on the GK, FB and DM.
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