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I've had some request to share my tactics (both this and Theta - a more defensive version vs the bigger teams) after posting my successes on twitter

Omega on paper appears to be light in the midfield with the 32230 no DM no CM.

But... On attack:
The CD libero pushes forward to become like a DM - the inverse of a halfback.
The IWBs push forward to become Centre Midfielders. Effectively becoming like diagonal box-to-box midfielders.
The Engache (previously i used an AP) is the lynchpin/pivot for this system & the Shadow strikers push on into the box.

This creates an overload formation of 2152 on attacks (see attached screenshot)

And... in Defence:
The IWBs (diagonal B2B midfielders) are covered both by the ML/MR who are on support duty as well as the RCD & LCD who are instructed to be wider. The Shadow strikers lead the press from the front & provide more defensive coverage vs using strikers.

I use this formation when i'm up against a team of equal or lesser ability.

- like almost all formations it's susceptible to counter attacks & long balls.
- your IWBs attributes need to be more like CMs rather than the orthodox LB/RB.

- The only formation that has "troubled" this is 442.

Theta Link (defensive version)
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