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Overload 4-1-1-3-1 Asymmetric & 4-1-3-1-1 Asymmetric FM 24.2.1 (Recreation of Zero Sea's Wonderland) 2023-12-27

Hey guys, so this tactic is actually recreation of one of the best tactics on FM14 at least it started that way, back in the day Zero Seas Rage tactics were amazing, and as i was then beginner in the game i used it a lot,he in his tactic used IF's this one has W instead.

Few days ago i started looking for some old interesting ones that could do good in FM24, and viola found the winning combination at least i think.

Took over at the end of the season and won almost every match, then in a new season im doing amazing with a team supposed to be in relegation battle

Would appreciate some feedback on these 2 tactics, slightly different from one another but concept is the same
It transforms into 2-3-4-1 which provides some amazing football
  • Screenshot 2023-12-27 150710.png
    Screenshot 2023-12-27 150710.png
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  • Screenshot 2023-12-27 150716.png
    Screenshot 2023-12-27 150716.png
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  • Screenshot 2023-12-27 151311.png
    Screenshot 2023-12-27 151311.png
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