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Pep Barcelona Tiki-taka Recreation

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Hi I'm new to fm and wanted to do a Barcelona save due to their recent struggles. I figured I should use a Tiki-Taka tactic since that's what gave them a lot of success. You should expect to dominate possession and create a lot of chances playing a short passing game with a higher tempo. I have had problems with a leaky defence so I have made some high profile signings there. My set-piece takers tend to be my full-backs and wingers. I do not use opposition instructions. My centre-backs stay wide and close down more. my wing-backs do the same thing and mark the opponent full-backs. My half-back closes down more, tackles harder, shoots less and takes fewer risks. My midfielders pass shorter. My inside forwards sit narrower. The Trequartista has no instructions. I do not have any specific recommended players but do look out for a technical player with good passing, decision making and composure. I leave training to my appointed staff as I find it to be quite annoying. I have not taken into account the footedness of a player. My top scoring position is my inside forwards, Mezzala and Trequartista.
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