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Poetry in motion 20.4.1 20.4.1

Welcome to Poetry.

BBM - Good Long shot attribute an advantage.
DLP - Should be your teams best player, invest in this position.
Strikers - Strong, quick, good in the air. Elite strikers obviously best but if I had to compromise because of budget or competition level then pace is the best attribute.

Do not rotate 11 players game to game, rotate to a maximum of 4 or 5 where you can.

Keep your squad happy, if you have an unhappy player, give them what they want or remove them to the reserves, this is so important.

Give the tactic 5 to 6 games to "settle in"

You will get hammered away from home at some point in the season, usually just the once, battered 4 or 5 nil for no reason other than FM has to have its way with you at least once a season. I don't know why - just accept it.

I'm open to any questions you may have

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