Positive 442 Diamond WB

Positive 442 Diamond WB FM20 (using updated rosters for 20-21 season)

Focus is to work the ball from the middle out to the overlapping wingbacks, and cross it back in for the forwards/mezzala to finish. Haaland is the key, and Lautaro has been a bit of a disappointment in the role, the position likely needs a taller forward to finish crosses more effectively. Kana is important to my application of the tactic, as I prefer to switch to a back three when facing two forwards, and he is fully capable to simply sliding back into the center of defense, so the same personnel work flawlessly in both tactics. Finding wingbacks is hard, and especially on the left, but using Dortmund means starting with both Guerreiro and Schulz is helpful on the left, but the right side needs help. FM20 is easier since you have Hakimi on the right. The biggest key in this tactic is to have 2 good forwards, and at least 2 good CBs, as they will often be stuck in 2 on 2s on the break. For corners, use midfielders for the takers, I tend to have Gomez take the left corners (left footed) if he is on the field, otherwise it's Reyna or Verschaeren (the AMC) take both sides.
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