"Project Old Boy" - Southern Amateur League for FM23 (POB-SAL) [v1.1]

Databases "Project Old Boy" - Southern Amateur League for FM23 (POB-SAL) [v1.1]

What is Project Old Boy (POB)?
POB is an umbrella project that seeks to provide a unique experience for Football Manager players by adding in custom, all-amateur databases for the community to enjoy.

What is included in Project Old Boy - Southern Amateur League (POB-SAL)?
POB-SAL comprises a 15-level league pyramid, with 20 playable leagues, 10 playable cups, and 184 playable teams. This pyramid is split into two types - being the open-age competition (consisting of 3 Senior, 4 Intermediate, and 10 Junior Divisions) and the veteran competition (consisting of 3 veterans divisions). This competitions are separated, with teams being prevented from being relegated from Junior Div 6 South to Veterans Div 1 North/South, and vice-versa.

The uniqueness of this database lies in its attempt to recreate "multi-level" football within FM, by circumnavigating the limit of a team having 3 reserve sides by affiliating (for example) a side's first and non-first teams - a prime example being that of Civil Service's 9 sides - together through B Team affiliation with the main club.

Full List of Competitions included in POB-SAL:
SAL Senior Division 1
SAL Senior Division 2
SAL Senior Division 3
SAL Senior Cup

SAL Intermediate Division 1
SAL Intermediate Division 2
SAL Intermediate Division 3
SAL Intermediate Division 4
SAL Intermediate Cup

SAL Junior Division 1 North / South
SAL Junior Cup
SAL Junior Division 2 North / South
SAL Minor Cup
SAL Junior Division 3 North / South
SAL Senior Novets Cup
SAL Junior Division 4 North / South
SAL Intermediate Novets Cup
SAL Junior Division 5 South
SAL Junior Division 6 South
SAL Junior Novets Cup

SAL Veterans Division 1 North/South
SAL Veterans Division 2 North
SAL Veterans Senior Sunday Cup
SAL Veterans Junior Sunday Cup
SAL Veterans Saturday Shield

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v1.1 - First Public Release - 28/30.12.2022.
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