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FMKorea Heffem [Public Beta] Suk Sam diamond wide / Wolves 20 matches 17w 2d 1l / 78 ccc in 20matches v2

이미지 004.png

이미지 005.png 이미지 006.png

sorry about team names in Korean

so many chances are created

이미지 007.png

20 league matches

이미지 009.png

many clear cut chances

OI : MCR - pressure intensity : always

이미지 015.png

corner kicks must be taken by 'DM"

STR and STL will swap thier position each other
MR and ML will swap thier position each other
so don't panic for that
I set it for more variable attacking routes.

and you do not need to worry about main foot of your wingers.
just put any wingers to their appropriate side.
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Latest updates

  1. Suk Sam Gong Mi v2 (corner kick attacking update)

    only corner kick-attacking changed corner kick taker : dm or one of the player "go forward"