Quantum CS (4-1-3-2 DM Narrow) Tactic for FM24+

Quantum CS (4-1-3-2 DM Narrow) Tactic for FM24+ 24.1C

24.1C (Nov-28-2023): Updated manual sections Anomalies (very important!), Scouting (new recommended players), fully (re)written Training & Match Preparation section, new Player Swapping section, updated Set Pieces section, new preset “CS – Corners – Attack – 1B”, updated "Quantum CS – All Set Pieces.fmf" (changed default frequencies) – manual reload required. Added some awesome demo matches!
Note that the on-site manual will not be updated anymore (reached the size limit).
24.1B (Nov-18-2023): Added role preset “CS – HB – Sticky Feet”. Added views: “Advanced Selection/Stats/Fixtures”. Updated “Proof Of Concept”, “Anomalies”, “Scouting”, “Player Instructions” manual sections.
24.1A (Nov-13-2023): filters updated for FM24 (sorry, my fault). Alternate set piece “CS – Corners -Attack – 1A” for the case when you don’t have a jumper good enough to directly challenge keeper (you need to load it manually). New “Pre-Season” section in the manual.